Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Another Day in (Pearce's) Paradise

My friend Eugenio joined us to race around the bay last Sunday. Of course he took lots of pics and blogged it up at his excellent photo blog emcPhotography.

There is another Full Moon race this Thursday night. I hope Eugenio can come aboard and take some cool nighttime pics.

Paradise is a pretty cool place.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Ours to reason why

Why We Fight
a film by Eugene Jarecki

Why do you think we are fighting in Iraq?

Many reasons. There have been so many reasons given for why we are in Iraq – from WMDs to oil, from a democratic crusade to the desire by influential geostrategists to reassert American global power in the wake of 9/11. None of these answers alone is comprehensive. Rather, I think they’re all partially true. The war seems to have been of shared service to a range of interests – a coming together of imperial thinkers, global petroleum concerns, and a culture of militarism that tilts toward/requires war to self-perpetuate. After 9/11 all of these came together to create the almost unexplainable momentum that pushed the country to war.

Saturday, March 11 at Tampa Theater

Come and bring your friends.

Update: A powerful, compelling film. Highly recommended. I was joined by my Drinking Liberally buddies, Joe & Shirley, and Ben Whetstone from the DL Brandon chapter. Also local blogger Dave Pinero. I was pleased to introduce myself to another local blogger, Catherine Durkin Robinson and her friend. All in all a good evening out.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

New Springsteen Disc

Hey Paradisiacs!

Via Common Dreams

Springsteen Does Seeger

David Corn previews a new Springteen project. Here's an excerpt:

Seeger has had a decades-long career that has combined promoting traditional folk music and practicing political activism. The latter led him to being called before the House Un-American Activities Committee in 1955, where he was grilled on whether he was a communist. Seeger declined to talk about his political associations or ideas, but offered to tell the committee what songs he had sung in public. The committee was not amused. He was sentenced to one year in jail for contempt of Congress, but the verdict was overturned. Still, Seeger ended blacklisted and banned from performing on network television.

Springsteen's album is not an act of rehabilitation. That's hardly needed. Seeger long-ago transcended those ugly days. His neverending devotion to traditional music and activism outlasted his foes. But what Springsteen is doing is reaching beyond his roots to honor a historian of American song--for Seeger's mission has been to keep alive a certain slice of homegrown American music. The new album will include renditions of "John Henry," "Eyes on the Prize," "Shenandoah," and "We Shall Overcome."

Sounds worthy.