Sunday, January 29, 2006

Racing Around the Bay

Sailboat Race


Hey Paradisiacs!

I survived my first sailboat race today. Went out with Radar, Steffie, Ken & Jim in a Sunday Race on the bay. Note to self: better get in better shape for the next one.

I can tell already this is going to become a regular item on my calendar. Sailing is exhilarating whether you're racing or not. I even bought an official Pearce's Paradise hat for the occasion!


Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year - Old Roots

Melanie Borne
Winds of Change

Happy New Year, Paradisiacs!

On New Year's Eve I was invited by my blog-friend and Drinking Liberally cohort, Cookie Christine, to a party hosted by her yacht club friends, Stephie & Ken in South Tampa. The cast included Jack, Craig, Trista, Sue & Reg among others. And a good time was had by all.

When I asked Sue if she had ever heard of Pearce's Paradise, she, of course, recognized the reference. The island is well-known among Tampa area boaters. When I let her and the others know that I am Pearce's son, they were quite amazed and welcomed me like a long lost brother. They invited me to take part in a sail around the bay on New Year's Day.

Mary Eischen
Circles Connecting

I was genuinely touched by the warmth and friendship shown to me that evening, even though we had only just met. We all recognized a deeper connection symbolized by an island in the bay. I went to the yacht club at the appointed time and met Radar, a local skipper. He was equally amazed to learn who I am and welcomed me aboard, We were joined by Dawn, Stephie & Ken, Trista, Jim and others for the sail. We didn't get all the way to Pearce's Paradise 'cause the wind wouldn't cooperate. Next time the winds will be favorable and we will sail all the way around the island. I will begin a journey, as well, of learning how to sail and be a part of the crew.

Roslyn DeBoer
Doorway- the Journey Begins

The past year has been a time of transitions for me. In mid-year I was laid off from one job and began a new one, a wrenching experience made easier by the gang at Provest. In April I was invited to be a guest blogger at Melanie Mattson's Just A Bump In The Beltway and I started this blog. My friends Mary Ann & Eugenio started blogs of their own as well. And now I will be a co-blogger at The Bump as it changes to more of a group blog. Thanks Melanie! We've experienced many good times in what seems too often to be a dark age.

And now there is a new but ancient journey with some new and never ancient friends.

And so a new beginning for the new year.