Friday, March 10, 2006

Ours to reason why

Why We Fight
a film by Eugene Jarecki

Why do you think we are fighting in Iraq?

Many reasons. There have been so many reasons given for why we are in Iraq – from WMDs to oil, from a democratic crusade to the desire by influential geostrategists to reassert American global power in the wake of 9/11. None of these answers alone is comprehensive. Rather, I think they’re all partially true. The war seems to have been of shared service to a range of interests – a coming together of imperial thinkers, global petroleum concerns, and a culture of militarism that tilts toward/requires war to self-perpetuate. After 9/11 all of these came together to create the almost unexplainable momentum that pushed the country to war.

Saturday, March 11 at Tampa Theater

Come and bring your friends.

Update: A powerful, compelling film. Highly recommended. I was joined by my Drinking Liberally buddies, Joe & Shirley, and Ben Whetstone from the DL Brandon chapter. Also local blogger Dave Pinero. I was pleased to introduce myself to another local blogger, Catherine Durkin Robinson and her friend. All in all a good evening out.


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