Monday, December 31, 2007

The Lotus Pond

Hi Paradisiacs!

I've been taking yoga classes at The Lotus Room located on Kennedy Boulevard in Tampa. Recently the owner, Val Spies, has purchased a property in Citrus Park - a 4+ acre lot with a large log-cabin building which looks like a ski lodge. The space will be called The Lotus Pond.

The Lotus Pond will offer daily yoga classes, healing arts, workshops, and retreats. There will be walking meditation trails and quiet places to find an escape from the busy world.

I'm really excited to have an opportunity to be a part of this new adventure. Tomorrow I'll be attending a special New Year's event - Blossoming Into The New Year!

Join Val Spies and Roger McKeever for a heart opening New Year’s Day yoga practice celebrating all the delights of yoga including introspection, freedom-in-movement, and connecting to your inner joy. Move into the new year with clarity and inspiration, and let the power of this practice be an affirmation of your deeper intentions on and off the mat.

A very Happy New Year indeed!