Monday, May 01, 2006

Paradise Burning

Sail Boat Sunday
Well, actually it was last Saturday.

We sailed down to Pearce's Paradise and watched it burn.

On a day filled with strong winds we sailed straight down to the island in good time. My friend Mary Ann and I joined Radar and Jim for the sail down. As we approched the north end we could see a small plume of smoke among the trees. A campfire was just getting out of control. We anchored on the leeward side and watched as the smoke and flames wandered through the underbrush. The collection of boaters on the beach were calm in spite of it all.

Soon we were joined by Ken and Trista who were in a race earlier. A friendly fellow sailboater sent over a dinghy to take me and Mary Ann ashore. We walked the sandy beach all around the island with Mary Ann taking pics of the flames and the flora. My first steps on the island since I can't remember when. Then a police boat cruised by ordering all of us off the island. A friendly motorboat manned by Bill & Cathy rescued us and gave us a joyride around the island before returning us to Radar's boat.

The planned party and campout on the beach was scotched by the smoke and ash, so we motored back to the marina with yours truly at the helm. To make up for the disappointment, we had dinner @ Cellini. A peaceful end to an adventuresome day.


Blogger Eugenio Cebollero said...

Sorry to hear the planned camping outing was cancelled by some idiot camper not controlling their campfire. Did you guys get any good pictures?

4:19 AM  

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