Thursday, January 11, 2007

Descent Into Hell

Ed Kienholz

The Portable War Memorial

{click image for larger view}

Tableau: plaster casts, tombstone, blackboard, flag,
poster, restaurant furniture, photographs, working
Coca-Cola machine, stuffed dog, wood, metal, and fiberglass
114 x 384 x 96 in. (289.6 x 975.4 x 243.8 cm)
Museum Ludwig, Cologne

The Age of War
by: Dark Wraith

The will to end a bad war is insufficient: war, once born, has a life of its own. Both those who embrace it and those who oppose it stand in the shadow of its thrall. Mr. Bush bids that we walk deeper into its consuming flames, and so we shall. What strength we have to turn away is insufficient compared to the weakness already within our leaders to fight the vortex pulling us deeper into the maw of that which will be our undoing.

Should the Democrats be unable in the months ahead to find the wherewithal to stop this madness, waste not every ounce of energy in rage at their impotence, but instead reserve a modicum for pity of their ignorance: when first they had their chance to draw a sword against the god of war, perhaps they truly believed that a "non-binding resolution" was a weapon.

The Dark Wraith welcomes America to a war without end that cannot be stopped by a leadership without courage.


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